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I want to thank our followers for their patience lately. I have been on a hiatus for a while but I should be back soon. Regarding upcoming reviews, they are in the works. A lot of the newer reviews are NOT on the review que. IN has taken the liberty of pursuing some newer work but we will be getting through the review que more soon.

In regards to the Primary Color review, this one is a bit trickier. Because our involvement with the author and her participation and cooperation with the review and side conversations about the story we want to really provide her a personal, in-depth critique. This likely will not be available the public from MSPA Fanfiction Reviews. RS can publish or hide away this at her discretion, but we will not be posting it formally. Because of this the public version of the review will be very delayed. I apologize for this but I promise there will be some reviews in the meanwhile.

I still highly encourage our followers to try their own hand at reviewing and signing up as a beta reader! I encourage this most in our author followers. A critical but sympathetic eye of an a fellow writer can really make fanfiction shine and I’d love to see more authors getting involved with others to benefit the fanfiction community as a whole. So please, I encourage you to participate more!

I look forward to getting this blog and the ask blog archive updated very soon.


Homestuck Podfic: Homestuck Podfic: Audio Readings of Fanfiction


Hello everyone!

The Homestuck Podfic blog looks to promote and archive audio readings of Homestuck fanfic of all types. Smut, fluff, longfic, kinkmeme fills: everything is good!

This is an all-inclusive community, meaning that anybody can submit readings, even if you are an author reading your…

What a great idea! This looks fantastic! Everyone should definitely check out this blog. I love the idea of audio readings of fanfiction.

This has been suggested by RobotSquid. Thank you very much!

I am very sorry for the lack of updates lately

There has been some personal family issues I’ve needed to handle and because of this I’ve been unable to write or publish any reviews (I just don’t have the time). Rest assured this will be changing shortly and I hope there will be a flood of new reviews! IN has submitted more as well and I promise they will be published when I have time to format the posts properly.

Please be sure to send in suggestions and reviews! I really don’t want this to just be IN and my reviews! I highly encourage everyone to try their hand at it! Let an author know what you think and let’s improve the fanfiction community!

Good luck everyone, looking forward to this journey.


The truth is that an artist’s appraisal of his own work, in terms of how much better some stuff is than other stuff, is probably completely meaningless. If you grab a random person off the street and hold up two things and say this is my good shit and this is my bad shit, he probably won’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. 9 out of 10 people will probably say it’s the same exact shit.

This is why worrying too much about the quality of what you do is kind of ridiculous, and worrying about it is what leads to blocks. In the end what you make is the result of your capabilities and your effort, and practically nothing else. So you might as well stop worrying, drop the bullshit, and just make it.

Andrew Hussie, author of MS Paint Adventures (via sillywillyver


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Compiled Questions

Lately we have been recieving a few story requests and a lot of repeats, so I’d like to take this post to acknowledge that they have been recieved. The list will be updated shortly.

However, some notes on this:

We cannot review OHAC until it is completed. This is just the policy. We will not review it before hand and we will not allow for review submissions. Please resubmit upon the story’s completion. I know that IN will not be reviewing this for personal reasons, but it is on my que once it is completed. I refuse to read this until the story is fully completed to avoid biased opinions. Sorry, I won’t be offering up any of my personal opinions until that time.

Yes, I am aware that Primary Colors is finished. Trust me when I say that both IN and myself have been eager to review this piece for the past month. Our review is being delayed out of the length of the review, other in-progress reviews, and for personal, ashen reasons. The review(s) will be coming for this story. I appreciate the requests.

I have also received a note regarding IN’s vocal review of Dirty Deeds. Please note that this review only appears on IN’s personal blog. This review is in no way affiliated with MSPA Fanfiction Reviews until IN chooses to submit a cleaned-up version.

I do assure you that the immediate que is being dealt with. I understand reviews are not coming out in as timely a fashion as I’d like them to, but they will be coming. I greatly appreciate the support.

I do appreciate all the requests to update the Ask-Blog Archive and the submissions we have received. Unfortunately this is not my jurisdiction. If you have any concerns about the lack of updates associated with the Ask-Blog Archive feel free to contact IN directly (and kindly get her ass in gear).


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Host: A quasi-review by irregularNotation

In light of new evidence I’m going to post this review anyway. A little nudge for IN to complete the full review or collaborate with me on it. —LR

Title: Host

Author: RobotSquid

Published: 9/9/2011 (corrected by RS, if I got this wrong again, please inform)

Pairing: (in this instance it’s a tad insignifigant but—) Sollux/The Condesce, Sollux/Feferi, Sollux/Karkat

Tags: Triggers, mental abuse, body horror, torture, emotional abuse, non-con, dub-con, rape


Every so often I will come across a fic that is genius. I’ll gush about it and request it for the review que and blah blah blah. I’ll fangirl over the author, hunt for other fans, and just join in the frenzy of other deranged readers obsessing over an over-glorified rehash of the same tired old bullshit story we keep reading (and are hopelessly addicted to). But then there will be a fic that just stands on its own so well all you can do upon completing reading is sit there and contemplate your life for a while. You want to shove it down other readers’ throats and tell them how amazing it is but at the same time it would ruin their own personal experience with the story. Because of that, I won’t tell you why I like this. I won’t tell you what it’s about, how it ends, why I like or dislike the pacing and how the author tells the story. I’m not going to say anything other than you should read this.

Having had the opportunity to speak with the author on a few occasions, I wonder something. How genuinely humble are they and how much of it is just a coy act? After a fic like this, I think the author knows just how good they are. This story doesn’t press itself in your face, the author doesn’t feel the need to inject themselves into the author’s notes..the story is just what it is.

I may have to let LR review this on his own. I’m not sure I can review this without spoiling everything. I’m not just referring to twists and turns but rather that this story is an experience more than a narration. I can’t tell you how you should or should not read this and I don’t want to get in your head before you choose to read this. But you should read this. Read it and judge for yourself how you feel.

Since this isn’t really a review I won’t formally submit it to MSPA Fanfiction Reviews, but if LR wants to publish it anyway he can.

—Review by irregularNotation

"tricorn hats and dirty old yanks" review by LethargicRegulator

Title: tricorn hats and dirty old yanks

Author: FailureArtist

Published: 1/7/12

Pairing: Dualscar (unrequited to the Condesce)

Tags: Masturbation, handwriting fetish, erotomania

Review under tab. (if the tab would work)

 Unrequited romance is a common theme in Homestuck relationships. The very real possibility that someone you like doesn’t return your feelings or that relationships don’t always stand the test of time are very real concepts that make Homestuck hit home so much more. Unfortunately, this is a notion too often lost in the fandom. The only exception is how people often write about Eridan’s character. I find this a tragic loss as I have a very deep respect for his character and resolve. But I digress. Another readily accepted tragedy is Dualscar’s feelings for Her Imperious Condescension. Sadly this is a highly overlooked concept. Finding it is rare but always a pleasure.

 The story of the ancestors is a highly linear and thus under-explored area of the Homestuck timeline. I really like the idea of Dualscar and so I’m sad I don’t see him, in the little ancestor fanfiction available, more often. Dualscar is a highly complex troll battling between feelings of self importance and how his life doesn’t necessarily reflect that high esteem. His unrequited feelings the Condesce cast shadows of doubt in his quadrants and lead him to be highly possessive and afraid for (and of) Mindfang. Personally, I find that Dualscar is a bit more like Eridan than even I want to admit. My headcannon dictates that the idea of quadrants is a concept thought up by high-blood society as an elitist status symbol. Given how highly Dualscar thinks of himself and the Empire, I believe the concept of quadrants runs a lot deeper in him than his actual feelings. He allows his fear and despair over his unrequited flushed quadrant to guide his decisions in ruining Mindfang’s own red relationships. In her journals she even states that Dualscar’s actions go far beyond black solicitation. I interpret this to be a sort of borderline psychosis in his character (which matches up with the cannon that higher-bloods are more and more unstable). So, the question then is, how far do Dualscar’s feelings for the Empress go and how much does he act on them.

 IN introduced me to “tricorn hats and dirty old yanks” by FailureArtist about a month ago. It was short, not a lot of people had read it, and it had a very odd tag (handwriting fetish). Skeptical, I still gave it a read. I’ve never stopped not regretting having read it. I admit that on the first read through I wasn’t sure if the author was an idiot or attempting a subtle dry humour. Luckily I guessed correctly. This fic is brilliant.

 The story focuses on Dualscar in his private quarters. He’s pouring over a very cleverly designed metal scroll from the Empress. He studies how it’s written and in particular the signature, noting subtle instances we as the reader have to call into question. How much of this is real and how much of this is interpreted by Dualscar? The story goes on and as it does we plunge deeper and deeper into Dualscar’s insane feelings. His thoughts are interlaced with a masturbation scene (which has been timed to be most convenient for the Condesce because “…This was why he always timed his sessions for when she was most likely to be alone. He did not want to embarrass her.”), giving the reader a very real-time interpretation of what’s happening. Dualscar rants on and on about all these little things the Condesce does for him through this letter. And it’s at this point I began seriously questioning how serious the author was. But then we get this line, “They had a love so secret she didn’t even know about it,” and we know Dualscar’s just crazy.

 The way this is written is just so subtle, but that’s why it’s genius. Too much humor in fanfiction is very in-your-face; it just doesn’t take the reader seriously. This fic maybe takes us a little too seriously, but it’s so great that I can overlook my original skepticism. It’s refreshing to see this style of comedy in a fanfic. Unfortunately, there isn’t all praise. There’s more grammatical errors than I care for. The writing style itself is also a bit off. This may be a personal preference, but when a story is not very action-packed or dialogue-heavy it needs something to keep the reader’s attention. This can be through the very flowery language of an omniscient narrator or by writing in the present tense. Unfortunately the past-tense used in this fic makes the story feel a little uninteresting.

 Nit-picking aside, there’s so much that works in this story. Small concepts like the makeshift bucket, troll biology (dick girls rule), and the metal scroll are just little flashes of genius I’d love to see more of. The overall concept I hope will lead more ancestor fic writers to explore Dualscar’s character on the whole. This is a great gateway fic to a larger concept. It takes only five minutes to read so I highly recommend it. It doesn’t take much time out of your day and I sincerely doubt you’ll regret reading it.

—Review by lethargicRegulator 2/12/12